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About us

We make dolls for kids to play, explore and create stories with!

Kimberly Baars owner of OK!Dolls

When our daughter Clarke turned one she started to be interested in dolls. And so began the journey to find a fabric doll that was empowering, durable and stylish.

If you want to see gender stereotypes at work take a stroll down the toy aisle. While many stores are swapping out the traditional pink and blue, the categories respectively remain within a limited scope for imagining what little boys or girls want to play with, and therefore, limit who they can be. The messages we send our kids matter. And they matter to us.

Play is an important part of learning. It supports their growing identity and sense of place in the world.  It fosters imagination, builds resilience and teaches kids to embrace curiosity. All things that can only be learnt through experience. So by creating dolls that are aspirational and showcasing the women that shape our communities we want to inspire kids to dream big through play. 

Today’s kids are tomorrows leaders, thinkers, and decision-makers.

So we decided to launch OK!Dolls. Dolls promoting the awesome real world careers kids can have.  If our daughter wants to be a Scientist when she’s older, OK! An Astronaut, a purple haired Chef – OK!

Each design starts with background research and interviews with women in the particular career, we want to ensure our dolls showcase rather than stereotype professions. Once designed our doll illustrations are printed locally onto a super soft thick fabric which is machine washable and fade proof.  Then they are sewn and stuffed with squishy eco filling made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  Each of these steps is done in Australia, supporting small businesses like ourselves.

From my family to yours – we hope you enjoy

All our dolls are lovingly hand made in Australia.

Girls playing with a range of OK!Dolls, Vet doll, Nurse doll and doctor doll