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Where are the dolls made?
OK! Dolls are designed and made in Brisbane, Australia
What are the dolls made of?
Our illustrations are sublimation printed onto scuba fabric which means they are dyed into the fibre so unlike traditional screen printing they wont fade or crack. Sublimation is the most eco-friendly printing method as it uses water based inks with no waste water. The dolls are stuffed with a filling made from 100% recycled plastic bottles which is manufactured in Australia. The bottles are collected, sterilised and shredded to create a soft toy filling.
How long from when I order will I receive my doll?
Our doll is lovingly made by hand in Australia, please give us up to 5 days to get yours made and then delivery times will depend of the delivery method you select at checkout - check delivery info here.
How big is an OK!Doll?
The small dolls are 30cm long and 7- 12cm in width and the large are 45cm long and between 10-16cm in width . Each doll has slightly different dimensions depending on the illustration and layout.
What are the washing instructions for my doll?
Our dolls are machine washable in cold water! Wash it separately the first time and you can use up to 1/2 tablespoon of napisan. Spot cleaning can be done. Please check on a small area if you are planning to use a cleaning agent.
What age is the doll for?
We recommend for 3 years+ The dolls have no loose or moving parts with our toys however our dolls have a black ribbon tag at the side so anyone younger than this will need to be supervised when playing. We do not recommend these toys to be left in a cot or bassinet with a sleeping baby.

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