Kids STEM ActivitiesAugust 8th 2018

Dinosaur Skeleton Printables

Pretend to be a Paleontologist

These Dinosaur Skeleton play dough mats can be used in many different ways depending on the age using them. Experiment with how the bones go together or what the dinosaur may have looked like using the bones as a base.

What is Paleontology?

Paleontology is the study of the history of life. It is a combination of Geology (study of rocks) and Biology (Study of Life).

Paleontologists use fossils to try to figure out three main things about fossils: Identity and origin of the fossil, the fossil’s environment, and what the fossil can tell us about the history of the earth. Because paleontologists are interested in finding out about all life on earth, they study all kinds of fossils, not just dinosaur bones. There are many different types of paleontologists. Some study fossil plants, some study fossil fish, some study fossil mammals, and some study dinosaurs.

Some play ideas:

  • make the shapes of the bones out of play dough and see if you can get them to fit together
  • use large pieces of play dough to cover the bones and pretend to be the muscle and skin of the dinosaur
  • Use tissue and white glue cover the bones and make them 3d. Shape coloured tissue over the top to make the skin of the dinosaur
dinsoaur play dough mat printable, close up

This kids STEM activities can be used to promote:

Language skills: labelling the bones, asking questions and inquiry, discussing procedural elements of the task, counting the bones

Social skills: Sharing ideas, working with a partner to create the shapes/stick down objects, turn taking

Fine motor skills: manipulating materials, using tools to create shapes/cut

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Paige Paleontologist doll

Printables are for home and educator/classroom use.

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