Kids STEM ActivitiesJune 13th 2018

Kids Human Body activity

Looking for a kids activity to get them questioning, wondering and making? I’ve created this free kids human body activity to help kids begin to understand how their body works – just add play dough

free printable Anatomy playdough mats by OK!Dolls

I was inspired by two of our OK!Dolls Scarlett the Surgeon and Nadia the Nurse to create two printables that can be used as play dough mats, colouring in pages or craft activities.

The free printables show internal human body systems – the skeleton and major organs – to see what they look like and how they work together. The human body is amazing so it’s no wonder kids are fascinated with what happens inside their bodies as they eat, sleep and go about their day. 

Both Scarlett the Surgeon and Nadia the Nurse would need to know all about how different body systems work and how the parts work together so that they can heal sick or injured people.

Scarlett the Surgeon doll by OK!Dolls

To use these printables as playdough mats I recommend laminating them or sliding them inside a plastic clear file sleeve to make them reusable.

This kids STEM Human Body activity can be used to promote:

Language skills: labelling the parts of the body, asking questions and inquiry, discussing procedural elements of the task, conversations about the organs and role they play in the body, counting the bones/organs

Social skills: Sharing ideas, working with a partner to create the shapes, turn taking

Fine motor skills: manipulating materials, rolling small pieces of dough and shaping it with fingers, using tools to create shapes/cut

To extend this activity – check out this great video explaining how the human body works (in kids friendly terms)

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