BlogJune 13th 2019

New OK!Doll Designs coming

Its time to add more exciting dolls to our OK!Doll girl gang

Over the past few months I’ve asked which careers and professions you would like to see in our range and picked the FIVE most popular. With the help of women in those professions we’ve turned them into OK!Dolls – launching THURSDAY 20th June

From sketch to digital illustration, print to plush doll – it’s all created here in Australia. And that part is now done!

These new bright-haired gals, dressed in their work uniforms, are nearly ready to make their way to new forever homes at your place!

They will be available in:

  • Original 30cm soft plush doll $29
  • OKMini 15cm pocket size in the duo $49 and squad (set of 5) $95

The popular Set of 10 will be a limited release of 20 sets ONLY – so if you want to get them at the fab price of $159 you need to be in quick sticks

These new OK!Doll designs will be launching THURSDAY 20th June first to our VIPs at 10am then to the public at 7pm


There is also something else that I am releasing …that isn’t a doll. Introducing our limited edition OK!Dolls tote bag!