Kids STEM ActivitiesJuly 20th 2018

Paper Plane Printable

Paper planes! Remember being a kids and the joy of making a simple paper plane and seeing how far it could go? I would always get lost in an adventure to see if I could get it to go further or straighter than before (or better than my friends!)

This week we are kicking off another 4 week series of FREE kids activities and printables. This has been inspired by our latest doll design – Piper the Pilot! She is a captain and spends her days travelling the world responsible for flying huge planes filled with eager passengers.

This STEM kids activity to get them creating and problem solving to make paper planes that go further, straighter or be the most colourful & creative ever!

The printable can be coloured in/painted then cut out and put together OR glue it to stiff cardboard to give the plane more structure

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pilot doll with paper plane printables and cardboard

Extend the activity

Create an ultimate paper plane challenge

  • Aim for the Target – set up a target or object and the aim is to get it as close to the target as possible
  • Accuracy – draw two parallel lines ( or use masking tape if you’re inside) and starting at one end try to get the plane to land in the middle of the two lines
  • Distance – Mark a start line and see how far the plane can go from the line. Grab a tape measure or ruler and measure the results (great way to include some maths into the activity!)

Art and craft STEAM ideas

  • Research aircraft and copy the artwork from real planes onto yours
  • Create your own plane logo to add to your aircraft
  • Get creative with crayons, markers and felt tips and create a range of different paper planes and turn them into a cool hanging mobile

If you want to create some folded paper planes check this site out for some amazing inspiration and here is a great video with step by steps

Piper Pilot doll and Tessa Teacher doll by OK!Dolls

Please don’t forget to share your creations on social media using the hashtag #inspiredbyokdolls

Printables are for home and educator/classroom use.

Terms of use: Please do not edit artwork, crop or cut any graphic/logo/website of original.