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Kids STEM Activities

Kids STEM activity: Static Butterfly

Create some real life magic with this easy peasy at home science experiment using things you can find around the house. Our dolls show kids where STEM can take them in the future but these types of activities create the initial spark! 
Rather than a single blog we’ve decided to make some quick video tutorials using things you can find at home. First up – Static Butterfly!
I made this earlier in the week and Miss 2 loved seeing how the static faded and would recharge the balloon to get the wings to flap – great lesson in cause and effect!

Why do the wings move?

Electrons are lost from our hair and gained by the balloon giving it a negative charge 
When the negatively charged balloon gets close to the positively charged tissue they are attracted to each other. The pull of attraction is too much for the light weight tissue and moves it forward


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