Kids STEM ActivitiesJune 27th 2018

Vet Clinic Pretend Play

Our Vet Clinic Pretend Play activity was inspired by our OK!Doll Violet the Vet .  Looking after soft toy pets is serious play business. Set them up with the Vet Clinic printable to record details of their soft toy ‘patients’.

Sections can be ticked, circled or drawn in depending on the age level using it.  I would suggest laminating or popping it into a clearfile pocket so that it can be used over and over with a whiteboard pen.

What is pretend play?

Imaginative or Pretend play is a way for kids to act out something they know a little about or are curious to discover more.  In this activity kids can act out a Vet Clinic Pretend play scenarios by looking after their soft toys in role play. 

So much happens around kids and to them, pretend play helps make sense of the world. What can look like a very simple activity and play session can be jam packed with great learning experiences. 

Social skills like turn taking, sharing, as well as language development and coordination can all be developed as you sit alongside and show an interest in that they are doing. 

Ask questions and encourage the imagination but let them take charge.

Role play props & extras

Provide a box of random bits and pieces that can be used in the ‘clinic’ – popsicle sticks could be splints, strips of rag become bandages and masking tape for bandaids.  Craft supplies can be adapted to make just about anything that is needed in the space – create signs for the waiting room, rest area or treatment room.

Please don’t forget to share your creations on social media using the hashtag #inspiredbyokdolls 

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