Frankie Firefighter soft doll

Frankie Firefighter soft doll is the perfect gift for the kid that loves to create adventures. Let them imagine swooping in and being the one to rescue someone in need

Role playing with OK!Dolls opens up kids to the adventure of storytelling. Give them some props such as old cardboard, fabric or blocks and watch as the scene unfolds and they get lost in hours of imaginative play. Team her up with Penny the Police Officer to create a dynamic rescue duo!

All OK!Dolls are lovingly made in NZ using a super soft eco-stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles. One 30cm OK!Doll saves two plastic water bottles from landfill

Oh, and let them take Frankie Firefighter on outdoor adventures too. Don’t worry if she gets a bit dirty, you can pop her in the washing machine with your next load. Easy peasy

Imaginary play with Frankie Firefighter would be so much fun, swooping in to save the day and rescue those in need

  • Brightly illustrated with a double sided print
  • Soft eco-friendly stuffing made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Available in two skin tone variations
  • Lovingly made in NZ
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