Nadia Nurse doll

Nadia Nurse soft doll is for kids that love to pretend play and look after others.

Hours of play time will whiz past as they use Nadia Nurse to care for their soft toys. Kids love to practise what they see and hear by role playing so set them up with some props – plasters, fabric or even simple blocks – step back and watch their imaginations take over.

Nadia Nurse makes a great play companion with Scarlett Surgeon – team them up for some hospital pretend play adventures

All OK!Dolls are lovingly made in NZ using a super soft eco-stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles. We think it’s a great way to give it a second life

Oh, and don’t worry if their doll gets dirty, she is made for messy adventures. Pop them in the washing machine with your next load.

Nadia Nurse is a great gift for those kids that love to care for others and spend playtime imagining how they can help

  • Brightly illustrated with a double sided print
  • Soft eco-friendly stuffing made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Available in two skin tone variations
  • Lovingly made in NZ
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