OKMini Mystery Doll : Available for 24hr only!


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘The day our little girl came into the world I knew I needed to surround her with female positive and inspiring people, books and toys. These were the perfect addition’ – Jennifer

OKMinis are made to be part of the action, dolls for small world play adventures they will love. Show them a diverse range of real life careers and professions to spark imagination and conversations about what is possible 

Grab a 15cm OKMini in its own small cotton pouch to take on adventures  – which one you get is a MYSTERY…

OKMinis available : Ava Architect, Amber Astronaut, Bex Biochemist, Chelsea Chef, Emma Engineer, Felicity Farmer, Frankie Firefighter, Lara Lawyer, Melinda Miner, Nadia Nurse, Paige Palaeontologist, Phoebe Photographer, Penny Police Officer, Piper Pilot, Scarlett Surgeon, Tessa Teacher or Violet Vet. OKMinis come in both honey and chocolate skin tones

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