Paige Paleontologist doll


Paige the Paleontologist doll is for the dino-loving kids out there!

What an adventure kids can have role play being a dino and fossil hunter with our plush doll Paige. Paleontology is a branch of science that studies not only dinosaurs, but all forms of life to discover its history

Inspire them to help Paige explore the backyard (or sandpit) for dino remains or use our free printable to piece together dinosaur skeletons

All OK!Dolls are lovingly made in NZ using a super soft eco-stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles. In years to come we want them to dig up dino bones not old plastic

Oh, and don’t worry if their OK!Doll gets dirty when on dino digs – pop her in the washing machine with your next load

Paige Paleontologist is perfect for the dino-loving fossil finding kid – inspire a love of exploring what remains behind

  • Brightly illustrated with a double sided print
  • Soft eco-friendly stuffing made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Available in two skin tone variations
  • Lovingly made in NZ
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