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Violet the Vet

Our Violet the Vet doll is made for animal loving kids to spark imaginative play.

Let kids pretend to take care of their soft toy ‘animals’ and role play being a Vet. Pretending to be the one to heal sick or injured animals puts kids in creative imagination mode.

Using their Violet the Vet doll they can create her Vet Clinic, go out to ‘visit’ sick animals or use our free printable to support their play

We design and make our Violet the Vet doll in Australia using a super soft eco-stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles. We don’t want anymore plastic to make its way into animal habitats

Oh, and don’t worry if their OK!Doll gets dirty. Pop them in the washing machine with your next load.

FREE SHIPPING (and a bunch of free stickers too!)

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